About me


I am a visual surfer, I move between glyphs, colors, gradients, typefaces, images, signifiers, significances and with them I build stories. A story is a visual identity, different from the others. A story is also an emotional journey inside a single image.

What I Do

I build images and visual identities, whether they are the fruit of a branding strategy or just images that have the sole purpose of furnishing a physical space or spirit.

I teach visual communication at ILAS, a communication institute, and I am the Agency Director of Questionmark, an ambition agency of Neapolitan reality with international clients.

I am a communications consultant for companies.

Sometimes I enjoy with art

I design, I draw, I project, I paint, I take pictures, I make videos, I cook, I sew, I organize, I share, I drive, I look, I think, I don't think, I understand, I interpret, I transform, I teach, I learn, I read, I speak, if necessary.

what have I done

I was the creative director of Zelig - image and communication - for fifteen years. In this period with my work group we have obtained the highest awards in the field of Italian and international design.

I taught visual communication and art direction at the University of Architecture of Naples, Federico II and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples.

I coordinated the three-year course of visual communication at the ISD, Istituto Superiore di Design.

I held worckshop and seminars in various Italian universities such as the IUAV of Venice.

I won the Golden Compass for the brand identity and the signage of the Pompeii archaeological site.

I was an artist for the Swatch, I designed two models for a world collection.

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